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Functional baby furniture for under $1500

There's no getting around it, babies are expensive.

Prams, car seats, bottles and clothing are just some of the items on the to-buy list but one of the most important aspects is the furniture. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult for parents to make decisions on cots and nursery furniture. Do you want a bassinet? A cot that transitions into a bed?

Tasman Eco furniture create beautiful nursery furniture that serve multiple purposes and that will grow with your child, saving you money down the track and saving space straight away.

The furniture is not only gorgeous to look at, the range is also eco-friendly, backed up by a 5-year warranty, not an offer that you will easily find and one that gives new parents peace of mind. We all want our babies to be safe.

A perfect example of Tasman Eco's multifunctional furniture is the two-tone Vogue cot. Gone are the days of buying a bed once your little one grows out of their cot! This fabulous five in one cot will last from newborn to toddler. First, using it as a bassinet, a cot and later a full-fledged bed fit for a 5-year old.

Tasmaneco Vogue 5-in-1 cot
Tasman Eco Vogue 5-in-1 cot - $749

Tasmaneco Vogue 5-in-1 cot
Tasman Eco Vogue 5-in-1 cot - $749

Even after this, the bed can be changed into a couch for kids or teenagers. Value for money, something all savvy parents want and it is a benefit of investing in a piece of Tasman Eco furniture. Parents that purchase the Vogue cot can also pair it with the Vogue Chest and not only have a product that stores clothing, nappies and anything else, but that doubles as a change table too!

tasman eco vogue drawers
Tasman Eco Vogue Chest - $431.86*

If that's not enough, Tasman Eco furniture’s mattresses are treated to stop the breeding of nasty dust mites and ticks, which can help to reduce the environmental allergenic load on babies, minimising the risk of asthma! The Tasman Eco Allegro Mattress retails for an affordable $149.99. Whether you are looking for a trendy range such as the Urban or Vogue collection or a more traditional Sleigh collection, you know that with Tasman Eco, your baby can sleep safe and sound.

Stockists of Tasman Eco furniture are nation-wide and can is available here.


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