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Last minute Book Week costumes you can get in store? We've got you covered

Let's set the scene: you're almost through the week and your phone pings with a 'friendly reminder' that next week is.....BOOK WEEK.

With all a modern Mum carries, heaven forbid you haven't been up till midnight hand crafting your child's book week costume. It's also completely acceptable if you didn't order one online to arrive in time.


Here are a selection of book week costumes you can get in store this weekend, so you can maintain the image that you still have your sh*t together.

Available in store at SPOTLIGHT

Available in store at MYER

Available in store at TARGET

Available in store at KMART

Reminder, Book Week is not a competition on which parent has created the best costume for their kid. We're all doing the best we can in this hectic world.

You are ROCKING it


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