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Bethenny Frankel is giving OG influencer energy & we're here for it

We know her from The Apprentice & Real House Wives, but Bethenny Frankel has also garnered a hugely loyal audience online.

You only have to watch a few of her recent posts on TikTok to figure out why.

Bethenny Frankel Australia
Bethenny & her daughter Bryn in Australia. Credit

Scrolling through Bethenny's feed, you're hard pressed to find branded (#sponsored) content.

Now there's a certain privilege we need to acknowledge here: Bethenny is already a wealthy woman, who doesn't rely on branded partnerships as her source of income. She isn't at the mercy of marketing teams managing her content.

Not that all paid partnerships aren't genuine, there's certainly a place for them in modern day marketing, but it's certainly refreshing to see unsponsored, unfiltered reviews where the brand has had no control over the messaging.

Bethenny Frankel Kookai
Bethenny & Bryn spent up in Kookai. Credit

A huge part of why brands pay big bucks for sponsored content is for that very reason, to have control.

Last month, she brought her tour, In Conversation with Bethenny Frankel to Australia. Whilst the show itself had mixed reviews, Bethenny's reviews of Australian food, hotels, culture & even airlines received incredible engagement, and would have been a DREAM for some brands to wake up to.

We wouldn't have wanted to be a fly on the wall at Qantas after Frankel revealed she paid for a First Class ticket and had no internet or entertainment on board her flight. She claimed that after sleeping through the meal service she was offered 'chips' when she asked for something to eat. Frankel compared this to Emirates, who offer caviar around the clock.

Here's what Bethenny raved about during her stay in Australia

1.Natio Mineral Pressed Powder Bronzer in shade Sunswept.

“I think this is my favourite bronzer. I gotta tell you, there’s something about this bronze colour… It’s reminding me of NARS meets Gucci, meets Patrick Ta, meets Charlotte Tilbury,” Frankel said.

“It’s the right brown, sometimes they’re too like, cocoa-y and sometimes they’re too chocolate-y. This is the right combination of both… It’s phenomenal.” Frankel raved about the product to her 1.6 million fans on Tiktok

Available in Priceline, Myer, David Jones, select pharmacies & online.

2. MCoBeauty Everyday Face Cleanser Duo

Bethenny Frankel MCoBeauty

Bethheny Frankel generated a massive spike in retail sales for the brand after she posted about the brand’s Everyday Face Cleanser Duo on her Instagram page, and prompted a 502 per cent sales increase for MCoBeauty.

“I live for this, it’s a face scrubber I wish I bought 10,” Bettheny said in the video.

Available in Woolworths, BIG W, Chemist Warehouse & online

3. Mecca

To quote Bethenny; "This place is AT THE LEVEL & Tash needs a pay rise". - We concur.

4. The buffet breakfast at Crown Melbourne received several honourable mentions.

Bethenny Frankel Crown Melbourne buffet
Frankel raved about the buffet breakfast at the Conservatory, Crown Melbourne

We want to hear from you...

Are you influenced by influencers? Or have they well and truly had their day?


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