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Nails looking infected after a manicure? Here's what to do about it

So you've had your nails done at a salon and now one (or more) of them are looking red, inflamed or even....oozing with PUSS.

Are your nails looking infected after a manicure? You could be suffering from a case of PARONYCHIA

According to Harvard Health: Acute paronychia typically is caused by an infection with bacteria that invade the skin where it was injured. The injury can be caused by overaggressive manicuring (especially cutting or tearing the cuticle, which is the rim of paper-thin skin that outlines the outer margins of your nail).

We spoke with Emma Forrest, founder of BUFF nail studios to talk about hygeine protocols that SHOULD be in place in salons, and what you should do if you think you have an infection.

What sort of hygiene protocols do you have at BUFF?

At BUFF we're very strict with our hygiene protocols and ensure nothing is shared between clients unless properly sterilised between appointments. For all implements that are reused we follow a strict 3-step hospital-grade sterilisation process. We soak and wash the tools in specific implement detergent, then place in an ultrasonic cleaner to ensure any additional debris is cleansed before sealing into sterile bags and put through an Autoclave which is a high heat pressure steam cleaner that kills any remaining bacteria, fungus or microbes.The bag isn't unsealed until ready for use in a service. Anything we can put through this process is typically single use and disposed of or sent home with the client after the service.

What are the possible repercussions of going to a salon that isn't taking hygiene seriously? 

The main risks for a client when getting their nails done is picking up bacteria or fungus through unsanitary tools and implements that can lead to an infection. Our hands (and feet) pick up a lot of bacteria by nature of how we use them everyday so sanitising and sterilising between each use is super important! Some of these bacteria can be really hard to eradicate once they take hold and lead to mid-long term issues with your nails with some people even requiring antibiotics or other medical treatments to clear up. 

nails infected after a manicure
Emma Forrest shares the hygiene protocols nail salons should have in place

What should we do if we suspect there's something funky going on with our nails after a mani? 

First stop, you could check back in with your nail tech, send them a photo or pop back into the salon - a qualified nail technician is trained to identify the most common signs of nail, foot and surrounding skin disorders and infections. If they are uncertain, next stop would be your GP or a podiatrist (if relating to your feet). We always say to not hesitate if you feel like something doesn't look or feel right, get on top of it straight away.

nails looking infected after manicure
BUFF founder, Emma Forrest

Founder and owner of Buff Studios, Emma Forrest, started Buff with one goal in mind, to reset the standard of the Australian nail salon industry for both those who visit and those who work within it.

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