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Women Holding Hands

On a mission to help women live simpler, better lives.

Women are busier than ever before.

We're Mum's, workers, daughters, sisters, friends and often put all these before simply being US.

With ever-growing to-do lists and the pressure to 'do it all', we need honest media that genuinely supports women.

It's All Her is on a mission to entertain, educate and inspire women to live simpler, better lives.

Jordy Lucas

Founder & Editor-in-chief

Mostly recognised for starring as Summer Hoyland on Neighbours, Jordy Lucas is now a Mum of 1 and Creative Director of It's All Her.

Jordy has lived and breathed the media industry from a young age and has a passion for storytelling.​

An accomplished MC, speaker and voice over artist, Jordy has a passion for sharing incredible stories and inspiring women to live their best lives.

Jordy Lucas
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