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Maria Thattil teases her upcoming role on Neighbours & reveals homophobic abuse she's received online

Jumping on the pod for the third time (we can't get enough of this Queen) and the very first guest for 2024, Maria Thattil teases her upcoming role on Neighbours & shares her shocking experience of online abuse.

When speaking about her Neighbours debut as Amira Devkar, Maria revealed:

"They called it about this role and of course I said yes...It's awesome to get to play a queer South Asian woman on the most iconic Australian soap. You know cause we (referring to herself & Jordy) auditioned for that show, there were no characters like me on the show, so I think that's a pretty special thing to see how it's evolved in that way", Maria explained.

When asked about how she deals with negativity online (10:29), Maria revealed a shocking comment she received recently regarding her relationship with Moana Hope.

"I had somebody who actually commented on a video of my partner and I and said that I needed to be physically assaulted to beat the gay out of me...I haven't talked about it, but it's like you need to be beaten to go back to your default. Like, these are the messages that people think it's okay to send me. 

All you can do is laugh that there are people out there who think this way, it's scary, it is all of those things, but I don't feed it. I block and delete because if I fed every single thing, my mental health would just be really in a bad way. But that, like literally that's what I like", Maria said.

Maria also explains why she's turned down projects in the past & why her work advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights with Olay is so special to her.

Maria Thattil teases her upcoming role on Neighbours
Maria praised her partner, Moana Hope, for remaining humble throughout her success

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