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The Block twins share 5 mistakes people make when renovating, and how to avoid them

For most of us, the thought of switching careers is DAUNTING, particularly when it involves leaving a stable job to follow a passion.

For Alisa and Lysandra, the transition from law enforcement to interior design was not only a leap of faith but also a rewarding journey that led them to win The Block in 2013 and 2014.

Beyond their success on The Block, Alisa and Lysandra launched al.ive body & baby and are back for another series of Design Duo, where they will go head-to-head in the ultimate ‘Twin-Off’.

Alisa and Lysandra will build their family homes side by side, with identical rooms in both houses being revealed each week.

We sat down with these unstoppable twins who shared 5 mistakes people commonly make when renovating, and how to avoid them!

#1 Budget Management (or lack of!)

- Set a realistic budget for your renovation project.

- Consider potential unexpected costs & add a contingency fund.

- Keep track of expenses to avoid overspending.

Alisa and Lysandra Fraser
Alisa and Lysandra have gone from strength to strength since The Block

#2 Obtain permits & abide by regulations

- Research and obtain the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities.

- Ensure your renovation complies with building codes & zoning regulations.

- Check for any historic or conservation restrictions if applicable.

(Different states and councils have different penalties for breaking regulations, so it's important to really do your research here to avoid costly errors!)

#3 Ensure quality of workmanship

- Hire reputable contractors and professionals with relevant experience.

- Insist on written contracts detailing scope, timelines, and payment schedules.

- Regularly inspect the work to ensure it meets your quality standards.

#4 Timing & Scheduling

- Create a realistic timeline for your renovation project.

- Consider the impact on your daily life and plan accordingly.

- Be prepared for potential delays due to unforeseen issues or weather conditions.

#5 Design & Functionality

- Carefully plan the design and layout to meet your needs and preferences.

- Think about future resale value and design choices that may appeal to a broader audience.

- Choose durable materials that suit your lifestyle and maintenance preferences.

Design Duo: The six-part online series aired on Sunday, 10th September 2023, at 8:30am AEST, each week revealing at least one room from each of the builds.


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