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Why content marketing matters

We all know press releases and other advertising copy have been part of the marketing mix for years.

However more recently, the need for content has changed. Whether you choose to create it or not, your audience is going to consume content from somewhere. If you’re not creating content, you’re passing attention to your competitors.

Here's why content marketing is so important:

Lead Generation

Outbound marketing has had to change a lot in recent years. Thanks to changing regulations around data privacy, many companies have had to scale right back on email marketing and other methods of pushing marketing messages to potential customers. Instead, you need to grab attention with inbound methods. A great trick is to use content that customers will seek out by themselves.

Content marketing has been a major part of lead generation in many sales models. If you need help creating content that attracts attention, reach out to an agency which specialises in your industry, such as, who represent lawyers and law firms.

Ranking On Google

When people are looking for products and services, they start on Google. This is why SEO is so important. To rank well, remember that Google ranks its search results based on how useful they are for the user.

When somebody searches on Google or any other search engine, they’re looking for something in particular. Content marketing matters because quality content that addresses this need will rank higher on the search engine results page. Quality content gets visitors to your site.

Google cares about website quality and authority. Quality content that solves the reasons a visitor is searching will go a long way.

Search engines used to rely heavily on keyword matching to rank content, but today, they focus far more on intent. The web page with the best keywords is no longer going to come top of the page. Instead, the top slots will go the page that best answers the question that caused the search in the first place. This makes content marketing essential for good online marketing.

Word Of Mouth

Social media plays a big part in word-of-mouth marketing. People don’t talk about a brand or suggest products only to people they speak to in person. Many more people are sharing brands and products online, by sharing reviews and links.

Word-of-mouth awareness spread online can be enhanced with content marketing. Content gives you more options to create something that will be shared and generate conversation around your brand.

Content can also keep working for you on a marketing front for a long time if you craft it carefully. If you’re lucky, your content could go viral and continue to be passed around for years. Create content that is ever-green wherever possible, so it can keep being shared and stay relevant whenever someone stumbles across it for the first time.


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