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Transform Your Commercial Office To Promote Productivity

The office spaces form the heartbeat of your business operation and will influence every aspect of the venture. Therefore, upgrading yours to inspire increased productivity and efficiency should be the top aim for 2021. The big question, however, is “how?”.

Several steps can be taken to inspire a dramatic upgrade.

Here are five of the best:

#1. Upgrade the equipment

First and foremost, it’s not only a bad worker who will blame their tools if the facilities are genuinely inadequate. Many businesses fall into the trap of persisting with outdated computers. Sadly, this is counterproductive. Every minute wasted on waiting for applications to load or desktops to reboot will cost you money. Be sure to remove any data and then hire rubbish skips to dispose of old equipment. As well as adding new PCs, this is a great opportunity to invest in better cables and networking infrastructure.

#2. Go paperless

The business world evolves at a rapid rate, not least in the office arena.

Cloud computing and paperless technologies have moved the goalposts forever.

They allow for better collaboration while also removing the need to keep filing systems with hard copies.

Of course, when adopting the new tech, you must pay extra attention to the cybersecurity elements. As long as you put those preparations in place and support your team with project management tools, they will produce better work.

#3. Improve staff facilities

It’s easy to forget that employees are your greatest asset, but without them the tech features are redundant. Therefore, you must think about their human needs. Otherwise, they may lose motivation or experience reduced energy levels. The simple addition of a coffee machine or water cooler shows that you value them while promoting hydration and alertness. You can also incorporate features to the staff bathrooms, kitchens, and recreational spaces. Happy employees are better employees.

#4. Create a video conference room

Any opportunity to cut out unnecessary travel can translate to a better bottom line. This is especially beneficial in the current climate of the global pandemic. Building a conference room with the best video call facilities will transform the office arena. Whether collaborating with other parts of the company or dealing with clients and suppliers doesn’t matter. The rewards are simply incredible and will be noticed immediately.

#5. Change the decor

We're all influenced by our surroundings, even when we don’t notice it. The office spaces can impact your staff by inspiring pride in the company and encouraging a positive vibe. Changing to a lighter colour scheme can make it look bigger and happier, especially when happy shades are implemented. This is a good time to use LED lighting while dressing the windows correctly can make a big difference too.


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