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Tips for DIY PR

My goal for all my clients is to make PR and social media as straight forward as it can be. I want to give them the basic tools they need so they’re not paying ridiculous retainers for an agency each month to do work that, for a large part, they could do themselves.

So here’s my top tips for DIY PR. Have a read and as always, get in contact with any questions you have or book a consult to help you gain a clearer vision on your social strategy


This is a great little document that has all the key information on your business or service. You should also include your social media handles and your following/engagement rates when you’re an influencer or trying to collaborate.


You won’t be able to do it all overnight. Pick a goal or focus of the week or month and make sure you can measure the success. Whether it’s growing your followers on instagram, growing your email marketing list or just increasing sales, you need to be able to whether your marketing and PR is working and make changes accordingly.


Create a list of people who are interested in your business and keep them updated on it! This list should include media contacts you may have, people you may have collaborated with in the past or just someone you meet who you feel could benefit from your product or service. Don’t hassle them, but simply letting them know you’re releasing a new product may spark their interest in your brand again.


It’s really simple to just send out samples of your product for reviews. This is the norm and it’s absolutely fine and encouraged to do this, but try mixing it up every now and then! This is especially important if you’re gifting to bloggers or media companies. They open a MILLION packages so doing something different will make you memorable! Roxy Jacenko is a fantastic example of this. If you’re not already, follow @sweatybetty PR for inspiration.


Meeting new people isn’t just good for your social life, it can be great for business! I use to find networking events especially daunting. The great thing about these sorts of events? Everyone is in the same boat! You’re all there to meet new people so mingle away! Don’t forget to take your business cards to hand out and follow up with anyone interesting you meet!

You never know who you could meet and the impact they could have on your business.


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