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The traditional marketing strategies you shouldn't forget about

Online and social media advertising is so broad, you can reach so many people through the various platforms available.

In my strategy sessions with clients, I often remind them to focus on other, more traditional forms of marketing as well. Online advertising isn't the only form of marketing you should be focusing on. There are so many other ways of catching customers your business is so desperate for.

So, if all you’ve been doing at the minute is online advertising, then let me introduce you to a world outside! You never know, if you give one of these a go, you just might find the golden ticket to success that you’ve been looking for this whole time!

Hit the streets

Where do you see the most people? Apart from when you go to the shops, where's the next place you encounter the most people? On the streets! Driving around you'll pass by hundreds of people a day, without even giving it a thought. The people that pass you will probably not give you a thought either. So, how do you change this?

Investing in vehicle signage is something you should definitely think about if you haven’t before. The investment of buying a vehicle to put your signage on might be high, but think of all of those people on the roads who will take note of your company. The brighter and bolder the signage, the better! Even if they don’t need you at that moment in time, you could pop into their head during their time of need, and you’ve made a sale. It’s a super effective form of advertising that we think so many of you are missing out on.

Letter drops

Speaking of hitting the streets, get some flyers printed off and start pounding those pavements! This is a fantastic way to really target who sees your advertisement. If your business has a shop front or physical location, you'd be mad not to spend a day or two dropping flyers with introduction offers to your neighbourhood. This is also a great way to network with the businesses around you and give your business a more personal feel.

The Dreaded TV & Radio Jingle

I’ve called it the dreaded jingle, because I want you to know what it could be if you get it wrong. But a GOOD TV or radio advert can draw so many people in, you just need to understand the difference between being catchy and annoying. You have a short period of time to catch people's attention, and we think it can easily be done if you focus on a chirpy, bright, and interesting advert. If you have the budget, invest in this! Get a team of professionals in and put something together that will capture your target market.

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