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Play School star, Rachael Coopes shares how yoga became her passion

Rachael Coopes has been a familiar face on Australian TV, starring on McLeod's Daughters and Play School since 2011. When she's not entertaining the nations toddlers, Rachael is a passionate yoga trainer.

Rachael Coopes yoga teacher
Playschool star, Rachael Coopes

We spend 5 minutes with Rachael chatting about her career and the benefits of yoga for expectant and new Mum's.

IAH: Many Mum's will recognise you from Play School! What do you love most about your work?

Rachael: I'm very fortunate to love what I do. I love everything about Play School. We are a family. The cast and crew, many of us have known each other for over a decade. The passion that goes into creating every single episode from everyone involved is exceptional.

From the early learning specialists who work with producers and writers to figure out what the little people need to explore in the world today, to the creativity of the art department who build breath-taking worlds every time we shoot, and the producers who work tirelessly to make it all happen and fellow castmates.

It's a privilege to be a small part of a dearly-loved Australian icon, and the love begins behind the scenes.

IAH: What's been a career highlight so far?

Rachael: Spending time working with young people in Katherine, NT writing a play Sugarland with Wayne Blair.

Rachael Coopes Play School racism segment
Play School recently tackled the issue of racism with Rachael and Luke Carroll

More recently the segment I did on Play School with Luke Carroll about understanding racism was particularly powerful. I've known Luke for twenty years. He's a close friend and a wonderful human. I felt very proud to be part of an important moment in Australian kids TV history with someone I respect and love.

IAH: Away from Play School, you're a yoga teacher! Where does the love for yoga come from?

rachael coopes yoga

Rachael: Yoga has been part of my life for over two decades. It's been my constant through every life transition.

Living in different countries, becoming a mum, it's like an anchor that is always there, no matter whatever else is happening.

I had a regular practice from my early twenties and did my first teacher training over a decade ago as a way to go deeper and understand more.

I didn't intend to teach, but the more I taught, the more I loved it.

IAH: What are the benefits of yoga for expectant Mums?

Rachael: I believe women in the pre and postnatal period need to be warrior strong and at the same time learn to surrender and let go like we've done before. And this is what yoga gives us access to at the physical, mental and energetic levels.

Many studies over the past decade have asserted that pre and postnatal yoga do everything from reducing aches and pains, significantly reducing pregnant women’s stress & enhancing their immune function, to increasing their perceived skills of birth and labour.

IAH: You've had such a colourful career so far, what does the future hold?

Rachael: The frustrating and wonderful thing about life is that none of us know what the future holds. Your guess is as good as mine! Read more about prenatal yoga training here


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