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Founder of LUVeYoga shares how she launched her business & then collaborated with SAM WOOD!

We chat with Alexandra Champion de Crespigny, founder of LUVe Yoga, on how she launched her yoga mat business, and has gone on to collaborate with the likes of 28 by Sam Wood, John Frieda and more...

SDT: Where did the inspiration to start your own business come from?

Alexandra Champion de Crespigny, founder of LUVe Yoga
Alexandra Champion de Crespigny, founder of LUVe Yoga

Alexandra: I did my yoga teacher qualification at the end of 2018 and have done a few extra bits in between. There are so many beautiful providers and teachers out there, and though I would love to make an offering in that space – in reality I’m humbled by the beauty and knowledge shared by those that are already out there, who in most cases have been building their knowledge for some time.

I also have limited capacity! With three gorgeous little babies, there's a limit to how much time I actually have to share.

When I really thought about what I wanted to do - kitsch as it might sound – I wanted to share a message of love. ‘Parenting for a peaceful world’ kind of stuff.

Helping young girls to know that they are not only allowed to self-care, but that they must. And the boys too! I was passionate about helping young people not store trauma in their body, and for all to learn the importance of self-love and love for the world around us.

Yoga doesn’t necessarily need a yoga mat, but a pretty, not too serious message of love, with a mat that is high performance and is kind to the environment – I was excited to think about using this as a vehicle to start contributing and sharing this idea and thought of self- love, love for others and the world - LUVe.

SDT: Starting a business is never an easy task, but you're also a Mum of 3! How have you managed to get LUVe off the ground?

Alexandra: To be honest it's taken time, and at times I have had to be VERY patient!! Not with others. But with myself. I have to manage my expectations sometimes, staying centred and well myself is very important. My husband is very helpful at reminding me that we agreed to do this in a way, shape and form that followed natural energy flows. The organic approach! We're passionate about what we're doing and the message we want to carry. That helps!

SDT: You've already had some incredible success & collaborated with the likes of 28 by Sam Wood, John Frieda & Peaches Pilates, how did you develop your marketing strategy?

Alexandra: We've been incredibly lucky to on board a few gorgeous people and teams around us that helped us connect with, and carry our core purpose and message of LUVe. Because it's so genuine and the product is proven to be genuinely of high quality, I think it's an easy message to share.

We have pursued collaborations with like-minded people and used a public relations strategy which is broad and accessible – it has true meaning to a lot of people in lots of different ways and forms. There is SO much we would like to share, say and do!

SDT: What would your top tip be for women wanting to start a business?

Alexandra: Be patient, prioritise, be kind on yourself. It has to be truly meaningful or valuable to you.

SDT: What does the future hold for LUVe Yoga?

Alexandra: As I said above, there are so many things we would like to do!!! Watch this space for what the future holds. We’d really like to carry this message of love, self-care and connection most genuinely and broadly. We’d like to be part of an educational movement which I think we are seeing in the world around us at the moment anyway. It’s so beautiful. … how and where we carry that message to is something we are constantly considering. It may be new products, it may be new stories, it may be new connections, it may be new places. We hope for much!


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