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#MeToo only scratched the surface revealing unsavoury practices within the entertainment industry. Here's why...

With Jordy's experience as an actress and the founder of 'It's All Her,' paired with Alexandria's extensive background in reality TV post-production, listeners are in for a treat as these industry insiders share their firsthand accounts of some of the most controversial and untold stories in the Aussie TV landscape.

In episode 1, Jordy and Alexandria also tackle the evolving nature of the television industry, particularly in the wake of the #MeToo movement. They discuss how the industry's darker aspects extend far beyond sexual harassment, shedding light on the normalized yet unsavory practices that often go unchecked.

Rose McGowan Me Too
A key figure in the #MeToo movement, actress Rose McGowan went public with her allegation that film company co-founder Harvey Weinstein raped her.Paul Sancya / AP

From the psychological impacts of fame to the pressures of producing content that garners clicks and views, Jordy & Alex are not shying away from the tough conversations.

From reality TV to soaps and everything in between, join Jordy Lucas & Alexandria Funnell (TV producer) as they take a hilarious and unfiltered look at the scandals, absurdities, and unforgettable moments from behind the scenes of Australian TV.


Because when it comes to the world of television, truth is often stranger than fiction.


It ain’t always pretty. It ain’t always fair, but ….  "That's Showbiz, Baby!"

Episode 1 is out NOW!


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