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Lorinska Merrington talks motherhood, business & her new app, BUB

lorinska merrington

Lorinska Merrington is so much more than just a Yummy Mummy. An accomplished model, school teacher, TV presenter and mother of 2 gorgeous girls, she's certainly mastered the art of juggling!

Lorinska recently launched her latest project, Bub. An app designed to become a pregnancy companion for women and their partners entering the next chapter of their lives.

She Does This spoke with Lorinska about life, becoming a Mother and all things BUB!

SDT: You rose to fame after appearing on Channel 7 and Netflix' hit show, Yummy Mummies. What was life like for you prior to the show?

LORINSKA: Life has always been busy, never a dull moment. I was a model at Chadwicks, a traffic presenter for Melbourne and Adelaide on channel 9 and a primary school teacher. A day off was never an option. 

lorinska merrington
Lorinska and her daughters, Penelope & Florence. Image via Instagram @lorinska

SDT: You have a toddler, Penelope and recently gave birth to your second daughter, Florence. How has motherhood changed your life?

LORINSKA: Motherhood is fabulous but it can be tough. I think as long as you embrace the change and learn how to problem-solve FAST, you’ll make it out alive! 

Lady P is a little ball of chaos, growing and changing a little bit every day. 

It’s important to still be YOU. Having children definitely changes things up a little but I absolutely love my crazy uninhibited little muses. Who knows what they’ll do next! 

SDT: Amongst all the toddler and newborn madness, you’ve managed to launch your very own app, BUB! Can you tell us about how the app helps expecting Mum’s?

LORINSKA: Bub is helping mums (and their families) right from preconception, throughout pregnancy and even after their baby is born. It’s providing an avenue for support to help women connect.

Connect with professionals by having their concerns and questions answered when they arrive and with other mums because we all know how important community is. Bubs aim is to alleviate some of the anxiety on the journey to motherhood; to provide continued support for mums and their families. Bubs forum and article content is centered around just that!

SDT: We love how you have experts on the app so users are getting that professional advice we need (and crave!) during pregnancy. What other features set the BUB app apart from the rest?

bub app

LORINSKA: Aside our safe online forum community both through written threads and lives, Bub has articles ranging from topics relevant right from pre-conception to early parenting written by our resident team of professionals- including our obstetrician Scott Shemer.

We have labour support information for mum and partner, shopping lists & tips, a personalised calendar that allows you to record all your questions for you next appointment, birth preferences plan quiz (developed alongside midwives), checklists for checkups (the most comprehensive list of suggested topics and possible questions) that you may want answered before your appointments throughout the trimesters and the favoured feature ‘Partner Mode’ including a contraction timer, key reminders, programmed destinations and labour support advice for your partner.

We also have a journal keepsake, a place where you can upload your belly progression pics to baby milestone dates and special notes from your pregnancy- a journal that can be exported and printed, that will be treasured forever. And of course, our week by week information- which is informative yet fun to read and follow along. Here we feature week by week information on bub’s development as well as mum's progress including likely symptoms that you may experience throughout your pregnancy.

baby app


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