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How to plan inspiring content for your social media

Whether you’re a social media manager or run your own business’ socials, you’ll know the importance of planning what you’re going to post and when.

I run multiple accounts for a range of businesses, so having a visual guide of the content I’m planning to post is essential. It ensures I have a good mix of images, videos and stories, as well as delivering key brand messages.

Here’s how I’m using the Post-it range in 2020 to deliver for my clients:

Mind mapping is a great way to brain storm how I will deliver a key message.

mind mapping
Mind mapping is a great way to bring your ideas to life

Using Post-it Super Sticky Notes on the Table Top Easel Pad, I will write the message in the middle, and then ideas on how to deliver it on notes around.

Getting ideas out of my head and onto a page helps me to build on ideas and encourages creativity!

Creating a timeline chart helps with setting a posting schedule

Using Post-it® Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface on the Post-it® Easel Pads I’ll draw up a weekly calendar for each client. I’ll then write each post and caption on Post-it Super Sticky Notes and place them on the days they’ll be published.

I also colour code each post to the channel it will be published on. For example, all Facebook posts will be written on pink notes. This helps me achieve a good balance of posts to each platform!

Capturing content is a huge part of my job, so having a visual display of my to-do list is incredibly useful.

Again, using the Post-it® Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface on the Post-it® Easel Pads I can map out all the images and videos I need to capture. By writing these out on the Post-it Super Sticky Notes, they can then be moved around the board as they are ticked off. I also order my notes from top to bottom in order of importance.

This process can be applied to any sort of to-do lists and is a great way of keeping your whole team across progress! Using these great tools allows us to step back and see the big picture!

Stay tuned for more ways you can use 3M Post-it products to excel in your business in 2020!

All products featured in this article can be purchased from OfficeWorks.


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