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How to improve your website in 2021

There's never been a more important time for businesses to have a strong online presence

improve your website design

One solution for making your business viable on a digital platform is by updating your company website

Here’s your guide to investing in your website in 2021!

Your company site is your digital storefront

If you owned a cafe or store, you would likely invest in the way it looked from the outside. You’d paint the front with high quality colours; you’d buy professionally made signage; you’d pay a window cleaner to make the store front look squeaky clean… So why not apply this same logic to your company site?

This means that the appearance of your site when a potential customer clicks on it will either leave them disinterested or intrigue them - there’s no in-between.

For this reason, you need to invest smartly in your company website to draw in a customer base purely from an online platform.

User experience is the priority

For your customers, the user experience of your website needs to be second to none. UX is a speciality that many freelance marketing executives are able to advise upon; it covers a number of different aspects of your website. These include:

  • The signposting of your website. This includes calls to action and easy navigation through the site, so your customers can find what they're looking for without any problems or confusion.

  • Easy access to customer information. This could include a chat function from click4assistance UK provider, or an FAQs section of the site.

Get your cyber security up to scratch

Just like a physical store will have an alarm system, CCTV and industrial locks on the doors, your website’s cyber security should be up to scratch and maintained. Cyber crime is now one of the most common forms of crime, meaning that your website could be vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters who mine your consumers’ data. If there are security breaches on your site, regaining your customers’ trust will be very difficult.

In order to keep your cyber security at optimum safety levels, it might be wise to outsource your IT to a company with large resources and experts at their disposal.


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