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Creating a low maintenance garden

low maintenance garden

Maintaining your garden, mowing your lawn and landscaping upkeep can cost time and money.

Creating a low maintenance garden can help you still get an outdoor space you can spend time in but without the cost and upkeep, HUZZAH!!

Here are our top tips for a fuss-free garden

Go grass free

Are you wanting to remove the hassle that comes with keeping your lawn lush and green all year round? Then synthetic grass installation could be an option for you. The benefits of artificial grass involve having a green, healthy-looking lawn all year round with no mowing required.

You can also install synthetic grass over paving stones or concrete areas in your garden to help change the look and feel of your outdoor space.

The kids can also play around without getting grass rash, so it's a winner all round.

Think minimalist

The fewer plants you have, the easier it'll be to look after the ones you do. If planting flowers in borders or flower beds is becoming too much for you, then why not look at sticking to having plants in planters or hanging baskets around your garden? Keeping to smaller specific areas will reduce how much time you need to spend planting and looking after your plants. It will also help you maintain a minimal, low maintenance look and feel in your garden area too.


If you have shrubbery or hedges around your garden, consider removing them and adding in fences. There is such a wide variety to choose from you will be able to find a fence style that compliments your home and outdoor style in place of the greenery you are replacing. Removing hedges will require some initial outlay to make sure it is entirely removed correctly, but once you've replaced them, your costs will be low or even non-existent for the next few years as will the upkeep.

Opt for metal or traditional wood styles and paint in any colour of your choice for an all year round stylish look that requires minimal upkeep year on year.

Add some furniture

If your space is looking a little bit like, well just some outside space, then why not look at bringing the indoors outside? We don't mean hauling your sofa out, instead create an outdoor living area that can entertain guests or be an oasis of calm for you to relax in. Garden furniture sets can be as simple as some comfy reclining loungers, or extravagant dining come relaxing set with a dining table and parasol to protect you from the sun!

Make the space your own by designing an area that feels like home but outside with some garden furniture, decorative items such as wall art, ornaments, fire pits and even a bbq! Outdoor lights and bunting will help you pull the look together.


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