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Boosting productivity with an office make over

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There comes a time for all businesses when productivity levels become stagnant. Workers seem to be bumbling along, the energy seems a little bit drained, and the office space generally needs an injection of life. If you're looking for a way to increase productivity levels and reinvigorate your employees, you should definitely consider an office makeover. It's unbelievable how big of an impact a change in furniture and a re-organisation of layout can have on your workers.

The layout of your office is very important. The reason why productivity levels may have sunk may simply be because the structure of your offices encourages a negative working environment. The office area should be spacious. Every individual should feel like they have enough room to work and they should feel as if there is not someone watching over their shoulder all of the time. Now may be a good time to have a clean out. Check out if you need a skip.

Furthermore, the layout of your office can either create a friendly or a more hostile environment. You need to use the space in order to make everyone feel welcome and included. This is why open planned offices work so well. It can be tempting to segregate people in terms of their job importance. However, this simply makes certain people feel less worthy and they feel as if those in a higher job position are not approachable. So, make sure your offices are spacious and that the desks and other pieces of furniture are laid out in such a way whereby everyone feels like part of the team.

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In addition to considering the usage of the space you also need to think about the office furniture you use. It can be very tempting to go for the cheapest furniture there is in order to keep your office refurbishment costs down. However, this is not recommended. Employees need to feel valued. They are working hard all day long, so the least you can do is provide them with comfortable chairs.

Try the chair out yourself, could you sit on it every day? Nevertheless, ultra comfort and massage chairs are not recommended! Your staff members are here to work after all!

And finally, make sure you give your employees a reason to be motivated. Creating the right ambience through little extras is essential. Look for nice adornments containing bright, vibrant and inspiring colours. You should also use company branding throughout your office. Check out for advice on this. Display your motto around the offices, include images of the product you sell; this sort of things serve as a reminder to individuals as to what their purpose is and what they are looking to achieve when dealing with each new customer.

Tactically think about your office space, make sure your furniture is comfortable but suited to a work environment, and don’t forget the little finishing touches that make all of the differences.


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