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Abby Coleman to shave her hair for 10 year old who beat Leukaemia

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Hit Brisbane‘s Abby Coleman has embarked on a charity mission, announcing that she'll be taking part on the World's Greatest Shave on March 15th, 2019.

Inspired by a young girl, Bridget, who battled Leukaemia as a child, Abby has vowed to lose 10cm of her hair for every $10,000 raised.

" I met Bridget when she was 4 years of age. She was fighting an aggressive form of leukaemia. Bridget fought the cancer, but devastatingly a few years later the cancer returned. I'm not a religious person, but one day after visiting Bridget and her family I looked up and begged for this little girl to make it through and that in return, I would do something".

Bridget is now a beautiful, healthy 10 year old who has her whole life ahead of her thanks to her fighting spirit, but also the incredible research and treatment available for sick children in Australia.

Life and bringing her own 3 boys into the world set the plans back for Abby, but she made the decision that 2019 was the year to give back to the Leaukaemia Foundation and raise some much needed funds for future research and treatment.

"Having my own children certainly makes this even more personal for me. It's made me so grateful for their health but I still want to keep my promise to little Bridget".

Abby Coleman worlds greatest shave
Abby and Bridget

Follow Abby's road to shaving on her INSTAGRAM HERE.


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