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Abbie Chatfield refuses to work with Jason Derulo, amid allegations of harassment

Just saying, this woman continues to impress the socks off us.

Abbie Chatfield has shocked fans by suddenly withdrawing from her role as the host of the national live concert series, RNB Fridays presents: Fridayz Live.

Abbie Chatfield pulls out of co-hosting Fridays Live
Abbie Chatfield pulls out of co-hosting Fridays Live

Abbie was originally set to co-host the concert series alongside American rapper Fatman Scoop starting from November 10, featuring performances by artists like Jason Derulo, Kelly Rowland, Boyz II Men, Flo Rida, and JoJo.

However, just two weeks before the concert series was set to begin, Chatfield took to Instagram to announce her resignation from the position.

Chatfield stated: "I'm just coming on here to let you know I have decided to step down from co-hosting the Fridays Live tour this year, and most likely in years to come".

In the post, which has already garnered over 23,000 likes, Abbie cited an ongoing legal case involving the headline act, which includes an allegation of sexual harassment. She expressed her personal discomfort in fulfilling her co-hosting duties while these legal matters remained unresolved.

Although she did not specify the act in question, there had been recent allegations of sexual harassment against Jason Derulo.

"This is my personal stance, and I have chosen to remove myself from the lineup," she added. "I apologize to anyone looking forward to seeing me at Fridayz Live this year. I wish the other acts on the lineup the very best for their shows and am disappointed that I can't be there."

Earlier in the month, Jason Derulo's former protégé, 25-year-old aspiring singer Emaza Gibson, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. She claimed that the musician signed her to a record deal with the intention of engaging in sexual relations with her. Gibson expressed the emotional toll and trauma she experienced, adding that she had dealt with inhumane work situations and felt she had been pushed back to square one.

Jason Derulo vehemently denied these allegations, releasing a video statement on Instagram, stating that the claims were false and hurtful. He affirmed his stance against all forms of harassment and expressed his support for those pursuing their dreams.

Fridayz Live touring company, Frontier Touring, said in a statement today that Abbie Chatfield would no longer be co-hosting the series "due to personal reasons".


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