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3 ways to handle competing businesses

A bit of competition never hurt anybody, right?

Well it certainly can hurt our businesses. When new ones pop up out of the blue and steal your beloved customers away with their tempting prices and snappy salespeople, it can be frustrating to keep those doors open.

Or, as so many others, you may have noticed that starting up a business is rather hard when all of your competitors are so much bigger than you.

No matter which end you’re currently in, there are a few tried-and-tested methods to make sure that they’re put a bit further behind. Here's a handful of great ways to boost your business and get ahead of the competition in order to give yourself a proper chance.

Work on your website

If your business is mainly web-based, you need to take a proper look at your website. Your website needs to be clean, neat, stylish, and easy to navigate. This means your visitors shouldn’t have to click around for several minutes before they find what they’re looking for, so you should consider getting in touch with a web design company to help you out with this one.

A part of your website is, of course, SEO optimization and the possibilities of increasing that traffic tremendously. More visitors to your website will usually mean more customers to your business as well so you may want to invest a bit extra into this.

Work on your social media presence

Get a blog, improve your social media profiles, and work on spreading your business across the web with quality content. A bit of DIY PR may be a good idea as well. If this is all foreign to you, get in touch with She Does This to see how we can help get your business seen.

Keep tabs on your competitors

Another great thing you can use social media for, besides interacting with your customers, is to check out your competition. The Internet provides such a great insight to exactly what they’re doing, everything they’re doing right and everything they’re doing wrong - and you need to know about this in order to improve your own business.

Make sure that you're able to offer the same kind of service as them and that you excel in the same areas. The next step is to become better at them in the areas where they’re lacking so that all of their customers can trek over your business instead. It might sound rather easy but you’re going to have to invest some time and energy into this one. The more you’re able to learn from the competition, however, the better you’re making your business as well.

Keep in mind that the way you treat your employees will also have an impact on the reputation of your business. By being the best boss they could ever wish for, they will only spread good words about your business - and your customers will definitely hear about it, in the end.


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