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Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends for 2019


Is 2019 going to be the year he puts a ring on it?

It's becoming increasingly popular for couples to select engagement and wedding rings together. It can be a really difficult task choosing a ring that you'll (HOPEFULLY!) wear for the rest of your life.

What's your style? Budget? What suits you? What's on trend? So many questions!

To help make the job easier for you and your partner, we asked Michael Hill's Bridal Buyer, Emily Vukovac to share her predictions for the top 5 engagement ring trends in 2019.


Add a touch of old school glamour and evoke the romance of the past with a vintage style engagement ring.

vintage engagement ring

Pear Cut

Celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski, Cardi B and Sophie Turner have all been spotted with a pear shaped ring. From a pear halo for extra impact to a classic single pear solitaire, expect to see more of this cut in 2019.

Coloured Stones

Calling all the modern-day brides who want a non-traditional ring, coloured stone engagement rings have gained popularity amongst brides looking to add a pop of colour to their Instagram feed.

Three-Stone Rings

Who doesn’t want to add extra sparkle to their hand? The three stones are said to represent the past, present and future of your relationship and we can thank Meghan Markle for the popularity of this trend.

Solitaire With A Twist

The classic solitaire gets an upgrade with a beautiful micro-pavé diamond shoulder, added to the band for a beautiful and timeless look.

For more inspiration and tips on finding your perfect ring head to the Michael Hill website


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