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Tips for feeling more outgoing

There will be moments in life where the idea of interacting with others, or pursuing projects and goals, just seems totally impossible.

Feeling withdrawn on occasion, when you're exhausted, or dealing with difficult emotional circumstances is normal.

But sometimes it’s necessary to take steps to nudge yourself to feel more outgoing, and to get back into the flow of life.

Here are a few tips for feeling more outgoing.

Get in the habit of putting yourself out there and taking action, by default

To a significant degree, the sensation of feeling outgoing has a lot to do – in many cases – with simply building momentum and getting into the habit of acting outgoing, first and foremost.

As with many other things in life, if you wait to feel in the mood before ever taking action, you run the risk of staying still in one place forever.

On the other hand, getting out there, doing things, and confronting your fears and hangups directly, can often get you on the track of feeling a lot more confident and comfortable with engaging with the world in a proactive manner.

A big part of this has to do with habit formation. You want to essentially train yourself into the habit of being more outgoing, which can only be achieved by taking action repeatedly.

Work to get your nutrition, sleep, and exercise dialled in

The drive to be outgoing isn’t just a matter of your mindset, or even of your habits. A lot of it can also be connected to how you feel physically with regards to your overall energy levels, your health, and the why the different systems in your body are functioning.

if you find yourself feeling moody and lacking energy on a regular basis, simply making sure that you’re eating enough and taking a vitamin supplement might help substantially.

On a similar note, a lack of sleep, and a sedentary life are intimately connected with a lack of energy or desire for social activities.

Work on what you can fix

If your self-confidence is low, you'll typically not feel too outgoing, and will likely even feel like you need to shy away from the world.

One thing that can help to boost your confidence and make you more comfortable with getting out and about again, is to work on your personal presentation in general – whether by arranging an orthodontists appointment, or by shopping for a new outfit that you really like the look of, or by committing to a new fitness routine.


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