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The Rise and Benefits of Buccal Facials

Buccal Facials are loved by the likes of Meghan Markle, JLo & Kate Moss.

So what are the benefits?

April Brodie, one of Australia's most respected integrated facialists, shares the rise and benefits of buccal facials.

The rise of buccal facials has revolutionised skincare, providing a transformative approach to achieving

healthy and radiant skin. As an integrative facialist, April has embraced this trend and integrated buccal

techniques into her practice, witnessing first hand their positive impact on clients' skin health.

benefits of buccal facials
April Brodie is a leading facialist

During a trip to London several years ago, I had a transformative experience with my first buccal facial

treatment. Although it wasn't executed with the finesse I expected, it sparked a realisation that treating the skin from the inside out could yield incredible results. This pivotal moment inspired me to integrate buccal techniques into my practice.

Not only does buccal massage have a long history of therapeutic use, it is gaining popularity as a nonsurgical alternative for achieving sculpted cheeks.

By releasing tension in the biting muscles that pull the face inward and downward, buccal massage offers an instant lift and softens the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

It specifically targets key muscles resulting in a more sculpted and lifted facial structure.

Beyond the superficial benefits, buccal facials have a profound impact on overall well-being. By

addressing the muscles, lymphatic system, and internal health, this holistic treatment promotes

improved skin function while restoring balance throughout the body and mind. During buccal facials, I

attentively observe subtle cues from my clients, such as their breath, movements, and responses to

touch and pressure. This information allows me to tailor the treatment to their specific needs.

Buccal facials have received rave reviews from the likes of JLo, Kate Moss and Meghan Markle.

The benefits of buccal facials extend far beyond the surface of the skin. Clients report not only visible

improvements in their skin but also relaxation, reduced stress levels, and enhanced well-being. By

incorporating buccal techniques, it is a truly holistic experience, nurturing the skin and revitalising the

entire being, resulting in long-lasting radiance.

About April Brodie

April Brodie
April Brodie

As the beauty industry has evolved over the years, April has taken her craft to new heights by pioneering her exclusive brand of luxury facial sculpting massage techniques based on the arts of Gua Sha combined with buccal/intra-oral facial massage to provide a natural botox effect.

With over 40 years experience in the beauty and wellness industry and a key opinion leader in her own right, April is a true master of her craft.

Always striving to deliver the most innovative and tailored

experiences, April is the only non-surgical partner of Rationale, and is also the sole practitioner in Australia offering the highly sought-after Bee Venom Facial.

Which acquired a cult following internationally due to its celebrity and royal clientele and incredible ability to sculpt the face and leave skin looking refreshed, glowing and younger than ever.

As April's signature Bee Venom and Buccal Fusion techniques gain more notoriety, move quickly as she is

offering private treatments at both her Melbourne and Sydney locations and space is limited. Bookings

can be secured by visiting


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