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School's back, here's how to keep your kids motivated throughout the term

Kids are most successful at school when emotions are balanced and expectations are clear.

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EduInfluencers founder, Rochelle Borton shares how to keep your kids motivated at school

It's crucial to keep momentum throughout the schooling term and ensure from a parent’s perspective to always be curious, ask about their day so that kids constantly feel supported and comfortable to express their feelings. Simply start by asking your child, what are you looking forward to learning/doing at school tomorrow?

In order to maintain positive behaviours throughout the term, it is important to provide opportunities for your child to play and relax at the end of each day. Similarly to working adults, children spend their day at school learning and communicating with others so it is important that they too have the ability to participate in doing the things they enjoy out of school. This will not only help with their mood but portrays a healthy balance between school and home.

Establishing routines is also vital for keeping motivation high all term long. Having consistent sleep and breakfast schedules as well as up to date day plans for school/after school will help keep kids in check, prepared and aware of expectations. Being organised as a parent also limits any breakdowns and avoidable stress which in the end helps both child and parent be the best they can be each and every day.

My top tips:

1. Be organised: use a calendar to keep on top of schedules, this also decrease stress for both adults and kids

2. Be attentive: acknowledge the child’s worries and be optimistic; problems have solutions and it is best to keep attentive and curious to children’s feelings

3. Be prepared: discuss expectations such as uniform, booklist and behaviour policy in order for clear communication and expectations throughout the entire schooling term

Positive encouragement also plays a huge role in ensuring kids feel empowered and supported throughout the term. Ensuring daily and predictable routines with regular mealtimes helps as well as connecting with other parents who have children in the same classes/programs. Most importantly, staying calm and reassuring as a parent is most important as this too reflects on the child’s feelings and behaviour.

Ask children regularly how they are feeling about school and keep active in the conversation, really listening and being involved in their feelings and thoughts.


Rochelle Borton is a leading Australian education entrepreneur who founded EduInfluencers – an organisation that provides professional development programs, coaching and strategic consulting for educators, teams, schools and school leaders, Rochelle’s humble beginnings began with just 1 four-part course that has grown to include hundreds of courses, seminars, webinars, workshops and professional training. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, EduInfluencer’s was recently recognised as one of the winners of best professional development providers in Australia by The Educator’s 5-Star Service Provider Awards.


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