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Returning to uni? Here are the essentials you need

Returning to university can be a daunting time. It’s not hard to see why.

We already have busy lives and now have to make all these considerations of what we need to give ourselves the best start possible!

Let's talk about some of the basics that any return student should have...

A well-equipped study

It’s easy to remember your laptop when heading to university. But your webcam to connect with people back home? A microphone to talk to them? A printer, scanner and 123inkjet Canon cartridges to ensure you can print documents in your accommodation? All of these things are essential to have in your office or study area. Don't forget basic stationery as well!


If you haven't studied in a long time, you might struggle with confidence, in the beginning of your course.

How do I write an essay? How do I correctly cite my research? All these skills we learned in school but quickly forgot! Do yourself a favour and perhaps try to brush up on any of the skills you think will come in handy during your course prior to starting.

The more work you put in, the better you'll feel!

Consider Your Options

When choosing your course, remember it's not a lifetime commitment! You can transfer to a different class/course or even defer if you feel it's not working for you at that time. Don't put too much pressure on yourself and remember, learning should be fun!


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