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Planning a balanced Instagram feed for your business while working remotely

So, your team is in planning mode for a new month/quarter of social media content. You’ve got key messages and brand details you need to convey but are aware that your Instagram feed can’t seem too ‘salesy’. It needs to be balanced.

Achieving that balance can be challenging. Make sure your key team members available to collaborate and contribute to the plan.

Here’s how you can use Post-it Teamwork Tools to create a perfectly balanced Instagram feed for your business.

You will need:

Pens & markers

Firstly, with a marker, divide the erase surface into what looks like an Instagram grid, like so:

Now as a team, come up with 5 key subjects/themes that you want to focus on when posting. These could be your services, aspirational content, funny memes, staff profiles, whatever your team thinks will resonate with your audience.

Designate a coloured Post-it Note to each theme/subject. Let’s say as an example:

Green = Services

Orange = Staff profiles

Pink = Video/IGTV content

Blue = Testimonials

Yellow = Behind the scenes

Now break off into smaller teams and brainstorm content under these headings, writing all ideas on the coloured Post-it notes.

Gather back as a whole team and place the content ideas on the grid. Make sure that you mix out the colours evenly. This will give you a visual representation of how balanced your feed will look. It will also enable you to see which content needs to be created for and when.

You can repeat and treat this exercise as your monthly content planning session


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