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Make your first post iso holiday relaxing

Even though there are worldwide travel bans giving you no choice but to keep the travel itch at bay, that doesn’t mean you can’t still start planning for your first trip once everything blows over. Whether that’s doing a stay-cation or travelling the world, it'll be tempting to try to squeeze as much in as you possibly can. You didn’t come all this way just to hide in your hotel room, did you?

However, while it's certainly admirable to try to See It All, this can come with some problems. You want to enjoy your travels, but doing too much too soon means you risk becoming exhausted. You risk the dreaded travel burnout, and you could find your experience is ruined as a result. Here are some ways you can take some time to yourself while on your travels.

Catch Up On Sleep

A lot of travellers have the idea that sleep is for the week, but it doesn't matter how many Red Bulls or artisan coffees you chug down with reckless abandon, the crash will come.

The best time to sleep is as soon as you arrive after getting off the plane. This will help you calibrate your thoughts and feelings, as well as hopefully fix your body clock. The excitement of being in a new place is always hard to resist, but this excitement is worth nothing if you feel like a zombie everywhere you go.

A Day With No Plans

Every travel itinerary should include where you have nothing planned. It might sound like a waste, but it gives you more freedom to do whatever you like. Instead of walking around famous landmarks, take a day to stroll around the city, explore some of the less travelled roads, visit Fossix in Sydney's CBD and refresh your energy with a coffee or two, and plot out your day as it comes.

The lack of plans means you can do whatever you like, and you may discover that something is going on that you never knew about. While it's useful to have a schedule, it's often the things that you don't plan to do that create the best memories from your adventure.

It's Okay to Say No

Getting to know people in your hostel or hotel is a great way to meet people, build relationships and create memories. However, this can fill you with a false obligation to do everything that other people want to do, even if you don't feel up to doing anything at all.

If you struggle with saying no, then this can be a problem. But you don't want to overexert yourself, especially if you feel you haven't been able to take a break for weeks. You will likely feel as if you're missing out, but the party and the adventure will still be there tomorrow.

Refuelled and Fully Charged

It's impossible to see everything when travelling, because of time or budget constraints. Still, you can make an effort to see as much as you can, but this shouldn't be at the expense of your health. You will certainly be desperate to do everything possible once you’re finally allied to travel again, but don't forget to slow down sometimes, and your whole adventure will be better for it.


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