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Having a White Christmas? Here's 5 essentials to take with you

There's nothing more magical (or cold) than a White Christmas.

We've got 5 essentials you need to pack with you to stay healthy and warm.

1. A pair of Uggs

Keep your feet warm all day & night with these Uggs from Ugg Express.

2. A hydrating facial oil

Cold, harsh wind can wreak havoc on your skin. Keep it hydrated with a nourishing oil.

3. An insulated down jacket

Winter weather is all about layering. An insulated outer layer will do the best job of keeping you warm in (literally) freezing conditions.

4. Hand warmers

These hand warmers are game changers! Put them in your pockets to keep them extra warm and snug for up to 10 hours.

5. A Vitamin D supplement

Cold, dark weather is a recipe for low Vitamin D. We know low Vitamin D can make you feel pretty crappy, so pack a tub of supplements, especially if you're gone for a while!


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