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Jessica Rowe shares the extra mile she goes for her feline soulmates at Christmas

Christmas is often a time to share the fun and joy of the festive season with family and friends and that include our pets!

No matter what your Christmas plans are this holiday season, it’s important to involve your pets in the celebration to ensure they will have a special time too.

In fact, new research conducted by Fancy Feast revealed that 80% of Aussie cat owners include their cats in their unique family celebrations.

We’ve asked tv presenter Jessica Rowe, a self-confessed crazy cat lady, the extra mile she goes for her beloved cats Freddy and Daisy during Christmas and here’s what she said:

For most people, the festive season is about spending time with family and if you’re like me, my cats are a part of the family.

So, I include them in our special festive traditions - including new Chrissie tree decorations for them each year.

Daisy and Freddy also have their own Santa Paws Chrissie sacks with toys and food treats.

And mealtimes are another special way to show them how much I love them. On Christmas day, our cats enjoy their own lunch soiree with their favourite Fancy Feast flavours and a treat as a dessert. I do absolutely everything to spoil my two!

I’m a crafty cat lady- so I love to make things for our cats for the holiday season! My most recent treat for them is a headband that I wear! It has their faces on top of it!! It’s so cute- their dear little faces wobble around when I wiggle my head!! It makes me laugh- so I reckon it entertains them too! 

Jessica Rowe cats
Jessica Rowe shares how she's spoiling her cats this Christmas

For me, it’s never about the amount you spend on your pets’ gifts… it’s all about the love that goes into “the special gesture for Daisy and Freddy.

This year, I teamed up with Fancy Feast to encourage Aussies to show love and gratitude to their feline friends this festive season. Cats can be underestimated but they are wonderful pets and deserve to be loved like any other pet. I love everything about my feline friends. They’re elegant, stylish, wild, feral, independent, aloof, loyal and loving and like my daughters they don’t always come when you call them.

I’ve also found cats to be the ideal companions; they’re uncompromising, won’t suffer fools but they’re also intuitive.

Cats also have a way of picking up on your mood. The list goes on and on!!


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