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How to have a pinterest worthy home office

Are you a blogger, freelancer?

Do you run your own business from home?

If so, I bet you spend a significant chunk of your day in your home office.

So it makes sense that you’d want to make the space as pleasant to be in as possible!

This can make you feel far more motivated and in turn boost your workflow.

If you’re a fan of the girly things in life, chances are you’ve spent some time scrolling through Pinterest and watching office tours on Youtube, swooning over beautiful home offices and wondering just how you can achieve the look yourself.

Here’s a few tips from me!

Colour Scheme

One of the easiest ways to create a bright, gorgeous space to act as a blank canvas for everything in your office is to paint the walls white. This will make the space appear larger than it really is too.

For flooring, you could go with a neutral carpet or for ultimate Pinterest worthy office goals, go with a white wood or laminate. This combination will make the space look bright, spacious and beautiful!

From there, choose an accent colour for your accessories- it could be a pastel, a bold shade or a metallic like copper or rose gold. Very pretty and on trend. I went with soft grey and pink tones with a splash of greenery.


For a practical home office, you will of course need a good desk and comfortable chair to do your work from. White, white washed wood or a light coloured wood will all work well if you’re aiming for a Pinterest style home office. For the chair, clear acrylic ‘ghost chairs’ are often used or you could go with an armchair style office chair. You could buy this in the accent colour you’ve decided on, of course you will want to ensure it’s as comfy as it is stylish so try before you buy.

I went with a white desk and grey chair from IKEA


For your office to function properly, you will need stationery! While of course you can buy standard designs from any office supply shop, there are actually some really nice ones available. Kate Spade for example has a gold and acrylic set that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

Sites like Promo Gallery allow you to create custom pens, a fun touch for your office. These things are a nice touch to your office and can help you customise it a little.

I purchased most of my stationery from Kmart, OfficeWorks & Kikki.K


You’ll want to make your home office look homely while still keeping it professional looking and uncluttered. Plants are a great way of doing this. The green leaves are a nice contrast against white walls, and according to studies they can even make you more productive. Other ways you can accessorise is by hanging up some wall art- an inspirational quote that really resonates with you. This can be a great way to add interest and give you a boost each working day when you see it.

I chose some faux-greenery from Kmart and am still on the hunt for the perfect print to stick on the wall!

What are your tips to decking out your home office?

Leave a comment below!

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16 mars 2022

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