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Creating calming spaces in your home

While COVID-19 will undoubtedly have us all spending more time at home, we've come up with some ideas for creating calm spaces during a time of unrest.

Here are 4 simple ideas for making your home your sanctuary.

1. Create a reading nook.

Create a seperate, cozy place to curl up with a good book. For a neutral look, try a fabric or linen upholstered armchair.

You can easily fashion a reading nook by bringing furniture you already have into this new, little space for yourself.

Put the kettle on, wrap yourself in a cozy throw and curl up with your favourite book.

2. Get planting

A fantastic way to get the kids outdoors is to set up a veggie garden. Available in Bunnings, Mr Fothergill's Little Gardeners range is an affordable activity for the whole family. As well as getting them away from their screens, gardening gives children an appreciation for nature and the environment.

This will also give your little ones a sense of responsibility and pride in watching something grow.

3. Get a small fire pit for your outdoor area

If COVID-19 has you working from home, you should be taking frequent, meaningful breaks. Getting outside in the fresh air is really important for your physical and mental health.

With cooler weather approaching, invest in a small fire pit for your outdoor area to keep you warm.

Temple & Webster have some amazing pits that won't break the bank.

Don't compromise on comfort either! Plush have incredible outdoor ottomans. You can view their whole collection online and get your money back if you're not completely satisfied.

4. Bring calming colours into the bedroom

Bedrooms are where we rest and rejuvenate, so calming natural colours are key. Dusky ocean blue and forest green are deep and serene tones that are trending this autumn.

Create tranquil vibes by layering linen bedding in these colours and enhance the moody blue shades with an ocean vista artwork.


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