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Create a positive school-life balance for your kids during lockdown

homeschooling kids

There are so many changes currently affecting many families, one of which, is the shift to homeschooling. Parents are learning to adjust to their ‘new normal’, as they bring the classroom home and fulfil the role of teacher and care-taker all at once.

This is a big shift for both parents and children, however, by creating specific zones for specific needs, we can help to keep the laughter flowing and the learning going.

Here, the Temple & Webster Style Team share their top three tips for creating a positive school-life balance for your little one.

1. Have a designated area for schoolwork

Most homes don’t have a dedicated learning corner, which can make homeschooling feel harder than helping with homework! Zone an area to ease the transition from structured school environment to homeschooling by investing in furniture pieces that set kids up for success - it can be used for homework in the future too. Consider placing a child-size dining set or small study desk in a quiet corner so kids can focus on schoolwork or enjoy quiet time with colouring-in books.

Low on space? Opt for a multi-purpose piece, such as a loft bed with a built-in desk. Place a bookcase nearby to help designate the quiet zone and cross your fingers you will be able to get some work done!

We recommend:

kids bed with shelves

sling book shelf

2. Encourage breaks from school work and screen-time

Kids do not typically sit at their desks or screens all day. They have breaks for snacks, lunch and play-time. Allow for this time in the day and try to help create a sense of routine for your little one. Reward independent crafting by framing artwork to create a gallery wall, filling kids with creative confidence and inspiring them to continue making. Parents can get crafty too!

Get involved by designing a photo booth backdrop for hours of fun – family pets included.

We recommend:

kids easel

kids table and chairs

3. Make the most of your outdoor space

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, make the most of it! Set up a play area that inspires open-ended stories and games, like a mud kitchen or water table. Simple household items, like plastic plates, buckets and old kitchen utensils, can be used in countless ways for endless fun. For older kids, create a homemade sports field complete with toys, lawn games and goal markers – don’t forget the courtside benches for parents too!

Children of all ages will also enjoy planting seeds and watching herbs and veggies grow - think of it as your own at-home biology experiment!

We recommend:

kids mud kitchen

kids soccer goal set


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