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Break into the housing market with Find the Right Property

Jordy Lucas went along to the First Home Buyers Mastermind with Find the Right Property to learn more about getting into the market...

It's no secret that getting into the property market is a tough gig for our generation.

House prices, expensive lifestyles and tight lending conditions have made it near on impossible for so many to achieve their dream of owning a home.

Last year, my partner and I were talking about how we were going to make our dream of becoming home owners a reality. We talked about how we'd save, where we'd like to live and began to put the wheels in motion...

Fast forward to January 2019 and a positive pregnancy test put all these plans on the back burner! Neither of us had any idea how expensive it is just setting up a nursery! Instead of saving for a house, we began saving for a pram, a cot, a car seat, and everything else you need when you're expecting a little bundle of joy. We had resigned ourselves to the idea that maybe buying a home just wasn't on the cards for us for a while.

That is until I attended the First Home Buyers Mastermind with Gary from Find the Right Property.

Initially I was attending as research on how I could bring the She Does This readers more knowledge on cracking the market, but as I was taking notes, I found myself realising that with a few lifestyle and mindset adjustments, buying a house is still very much a possibility for us.

During the 1.5 hour mastermind, Gary Ng (founder of Find the Right Property) covers:

- The renting VS ownership mindset and how to achieve the latter

- How to compromise and change your lifestyle to achieve maximum savings

- How to choose a property that is going to serve your needs AND increase in price

- Resale market

- Where to find affordable homes

What really sets Gary apart is his PLT Method:




"Knowing how to master these three variables will help a first home buyer to spot opportunities and know if they should buy or not buy a property. There is power in simplicity," Gary says.

property consultant melbourne

Gary made what were once complex ideas to me seem simpler. I walked away with practical steps to put into place so that we can get those few steps closer to buying our first home.

He demystified the First Home Buyers Grant, Lenders Mortgage Insurance, gave insight into creative ways to save for deposits and pointed out common mistakes first home buyers make so that us attendees wouldn't.

For anyone in Melbourne, I would HIGHLY recommend attending the next FREE Mastermind (register here) and for anyone interested in buying their first home to check out Gary's website.

Gary also shares his vast knowledge on Instagram, follow him @garyproperty0to5


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