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6 questions to ask before cosmetic procedures

Considering cosmetic surgery?

Making an appointment with your plastic surgeon before you even decide on getting the surgery should be mandatory. Doctors can explain the procedure in greater detail, and assist you in making the right decision for you. If you’re nervous about what to ask them, here are a few suggestions you can consider before contacting the clinic.

Are You Board Certified?

First and foremost, your surgeon needs to be someone you can trust. It might be logical that all surgeons have to have certifications, however, if your surgery is taking place in another country, you should definitely do a thorough check before reaching out. All procedures should be administered by professional board certified surgeons who have a license, experience and knowledge to operate.

What are the Risks and Possible Complications?

Every cosmetic procedure, even a non surgical one, can be a potential threat to your health. If you have any health problems, hiding them or not telling about the medication you’ve been taking can only make matters worse, because you consciously put your health at risk. That is why you should always be honest and straightforward with your doctors, no matter how “embarrassing” the problem is. They need to know all about your previous medical conditions to see whether you are a good candidate for the surgery.

Am I a Good Candidate for Surgery?

Depending on your medical examination, medical history and the information you give beforehand, doctors decide whether they will operate or not. For example, CoolSculpting Treatment is a popular cosmetic procedure in Canberra. Even though it is a non invasive chin fat removal procedure with minimal side effects, you should still check with your doctor if you are a suitable candidate for CoolSculpting treatment. Sometimes, opting for a simpler procedure rather than getting surgery done, can still change your life for the better.

The Recovery Process

Apart from being fully aware of the risks, you also have to be aware that every recovery process is individual. Some people are more prone to post surgical bruising or surgical bleeding, whereas others recover in just a couple of days. The main problem is how your body accepts the new changes. You can ask your doctor for advice on how to alleviate the pain and make the recovery process easier to endure. The time necessary for your body to heal and get accustomed to the new features is also individual. Learning more about the post op care will help you be mentally prepared for this big change.

Can I See Before And After Pics?

Seeing positive reviews and photos of successful cosmetic procedures can only help you reach the decision with more ease. Knowing that you’ll be in good hands during and after surgery, should help you make up your mind. If you like your surgeon’s work, you can even show him or her the results that you want to get after the surgery. Sometimes, doctors put their own stamp on the patients. For instance, they specialize in smaller and feminine noses, but you just want to reshape the nose and enhance your natural looks. This might mean you and this particular surgeon aren’t a good fit for this surgery.

The Risk of Anesthesia

Your anesthesiologist is the person responsible for monitoring your state during the surgery. There are different types of anesthesia, depending on the cosmetic procedure you opt for. Some procedures don’t require anesthesia. General anesthesia (sleep-like state) is administered for multiple procedure surgeries, or surgeries that take a long time where there is a possible risk of significant blood loss. Local, regional anesthesia or conscious sedation should be a routine process for a registered nurse or a board certified anesthesiologist.

Instead of following plastic surgery trends, educate yourself about the surgery and review the previous work of the surgeon to make sure you are on the same page about the final result.

What are your biggest fears when it comes to plastic surgery and the post op period?

Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.


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