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3 myths surrounding Veneers, DEBUNKED

Let’s face it, veneers have long been an aesthetic treatment attributed to the celebrities that we see on reality TV, or the models in glossy magazines.

Dr Casey Edgar from Smile Solutions
Dr Casey Edgar from Smile Solutions

However, with advanced technology, personalised treatments and a dramatic shift in perception around this service, veneers are very much on the rise in 2023.

We spoke with Dr Casey Edgar from a leading cosmetic dentistry clinic, Smile Solutions® about the common myths surrounding veneers and what she has noticed while being on the tools.

Myth #1 : When you get veneers, they remove all your natural teeth.

Dr Casey Edgar says...

Veneers are a thin shell surface layer that are placed on your natural teeth. Depending on the size and shape of the patient’s teeth, their natural teeth will need to be shaved down by roughly ½ millimetre to allow for the veneers to fit, however they will still retain most of their natural teeth. A knowledgeable and experienced cosmetic dentist will also ensure the patient’s natural teeth are kept healthy throughout the duration of having veneers.

Myth #2 : Veneers take weeks to install and can be painful and socially isolating.

Dr Casey Edgar says...

This all depends on whether the patient chooses traditional porcelain veneers or same day porcelain veneers. The process for traditional veneers typically takes 2–3 weeks with temporary veneers and can involve many visits to the dentist, difficulty with eating and talking, and unnecessary discomfort and social embarrassment.

Here at Smile Solutions®, we are the first dentistry clinic in Australia to provide Same-Day Porcelain Veneers™, a revolutionary treatment removing the need for uncomfortable temporary veneers. With the clinic’s high-end equipment and in-house Master Ceramists, Smile Solutions® offers a streamlined process that includes everything from preparation to insertion of the new smile in just one day.

Myth #3 : People only get veneers for vanity purposes

Dr Casey Edgar says...

I see patients for all sorts of reasons; everything from cracked teeth and damaged enamel, old resin bonding or discolouration of teeth. Our rule of thumb tends to be that veneers are best suited to people who have issues with their teeth in areas such as size, shape, texture, lustre or position.

If patients have two or more substantial problems with any of the categories listed, then porcelain veneers are definitely something to be considered. For example, if someone has teeth that are too small, or have

a poor enamel surface, these can’t be fixed with teeth straightening alone so veneers are a great option.


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