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Why it's hard being the boss

It happened, finally – you took the plunge and started your own business.

Now, you’re in charge of your destiny as well as the hours you work and the balance between life and work. But your business has grown, and now you have staff to manage.

Suddenly not feeling so fabulous? It's hard work being the one in charge!

Today, there are multiple obstacles in the way, all of which lead to stressful situations. Before you can figure out the solutions, it’s essential to understand what they are so you can beat them.

Here are four causes you might not realise, which add to the hassle of the job.

Calibre of your Employees

Before the turn of the 21st century, only one-quarter of people in the workplace had degrees. They were nowhere near as popular because it was possible to rise through the ranks with on-the-job experience. As the goalposts shifted, the need for further education increased, and now nearly three-quarters of professionals have a degree. Having a more experienced team ultimately means having to pay them more and meet their standards in terms of creating a workplace that they want to work in. A skilled worker will just go elsewhere if you don't!

As an employer, you need to make sure you're also meeting all your LEGAL obligations to your employees. Not doing so can lead to nasty fines or legal battles in the future, so be aware of what your responsibilities are.

Turnover Rate

It's a fact: today's workers are less loyal to their employees than they're predecessors. The way many see it, the company will drop them at a moment’s notice so they jump before they’re pushed. Poaching your best people, then, is a real threat as rival businesses aren’t bashful either. They’ll offer them better wages and perks and do it in broad daylight. Fighting against the tide is stressful enough, but then there is the recruitment process. Finding the right candidate to replace your best worker is tough as it takes research. And, in the end, you’re never sure until they are actually in the role.


Quite simply, there are too many of them to cover. Take the a2hosting VPS and WordPress solutions on offer. Most bosses have no idea these are important facets of the business. So, the gap in knowledge and understanding you might be one step behind is a burden. However, it doesn’t get much easier even with outsourcing and delegation. To make sure everything goes to plan, it’s crucial to stay in touch with any third-parties and to ask for updates. This is another thing to add to the to-do list because you have to ensure there are zero complications.

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to managing employees?

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