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What your skin goes through in a day

Your skin goes through a lot during the day, all day and every day. It’s your body’s main barrier against the outside world, and when you think about it, it does a wonderful job of keeping your organs and your bones perfectly healthy and safe!

So it’s good to know what happens to your skin as the hours go by, and why you might need to give it some tender loving care from time to time. If your skin looks good, you always automatically look good, and you give off a wonderfully healthy glow to everyone around you!

It Oils Up

Your face can get very oily throughout the day, seeing as there’s a lot of outside elements that’ll hit your skin and leave their mark. Even just touching your face too much can rub a few more natural (and often dirty) oils into your pores, leaving you with a breakout to deal with in the morning. And you can never quite be sure what you’ve come into contact with whilst at work or round a friend’s house, so try to remember to wash your hands before touching the skin on your face.

And oily skin can get very itchy, and make you feel a bit disgusting from time to time - you want to wash all of the oil off, and scrub with an exfoliator til’ you can scrub no more! But if you do that too often, your skin will start to overproduce those natural oils, and make your face an even more oily place than it used to be!

It Dries Out

Skin can dry out very easily, and it’s even a common skin type for many people around the world. Some of us just don’t produce enough of the natural oils to keep our surface moisture at a healthy level, and we suffer from dry patches and discolouration as a result. The more you go outside, the drier your skin is going to be by the evening or end of the day. Even sleep can dry your skin out, despite it being the time when your skin rejuvenates and recovers from the day’s proceedings.

If you’ve been rushing around recently, and not had much time to stop and think about your skin, you might even need to head to this website, to book yourself in for a bit of a spa day, to try and restore your skin to a smoother (and more healthy!) level of moisture. After all, dry skin can lead to wrinkles before your time, and when looking in the mirror, that might just make you feel a little worse for wear.

Your skin takes a lot throughout the day, doesn’t it? When you come home at the end of the day, and you take off your makeup or you put on some heavy night cream, you can feel conscious about the skin underneath. And that’s why it’s important to know the effects a normal day can have on skin!


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