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Ways To Maximize Your Office Space

An office space should be inspiring and motivating. A spacious and minimal office can help promote productivity and help staff focus on work tasks instead of clutter.

maximise office space

Whether you're working from home or in the office environment, here are the best ways to maximize your office space.

Upgrade The Work Stations

If your office requires multiple desks and meeting spaces, you are going to require a lot of desks and chairs. These be bulky and take up a lot of room without the right design expertise. With a company like, you can get expert advice and help with fitting out your office space to be functional yet spacious.

Maximizing the floor space with the help of an interior designer will mean you have more space for storage or socializing at the end of the day.

Install Multi-Purpose Spaces

Transforming your office can promote productivity, so installing multi-functional features will help staff move their work station every other day or stand up and work instead of sitting down.

Consider using desks and tables on wheels that can be easily rearranged, contributing to a more collaborative work environment. The idea of not having a set desk, known as “hot desking”, is a growing concept that works well in small office spaces. Privacy pods work to cut down on noise and provide space for phone calls, as well as a place for employees to concentrate on intensive projects without distractions.

Let More Light In

Natural light helps improve a person’s mood and productivity. Thus, maximizing the space may also maximize the amount of work that is complete each day.

Consolidate work tables around the bright windows to get the most benefit. If you don’t have windows or good natural light, invest in overhead down-lighting, such as a track with LED lights or recessed LED lighting. Avoid using floor lamps as they will take up unnecessary space.

Reduce The Color

Practice minimalism in your open-plan office, a growing trend in homes and offices around the world.

An inexpensive idea is to just have less stuff, or consider renting a storage unit rather than cramming your space with items you don’t use day-to-day.

If you have less décor or equipment on display, you can invest time in exploring color theory options that promote productivity and happiness for your employees in an open-plan office.


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