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Tips to make your start up look more professional

Many women who start new businesses do so on a shoe string budget and very little assistance. You might be lucky to have a great business partner but many 'fempreneurs' start out solo.

Some of the biggest challenges budding entrepreneurs face is not being taken seriously enough or having an edge over the competition.

One way to give yourself this edge is to make your business seem more professional and legitimate than the other start ups in the market.

Here's some simple, cost-effective ways to do this:

Get a Proper Business Address or a PO BOX

There’s nothing wrong with running your dream company from your home in the early days, but having your home address on your business correspondence doesn’t exactly scream professional. So pay for a central business address, which will cost pennies each month and it’ll help to protect your privacy too.

If you're a blogger or service based business, pay for a PO BOX! This again protects your privacy and looks for professional than having product or mail sent to your home.

Consider a Phone Answering Service

When I was starting She Does This, I sometimes felt like I was just waiting for the phone to ring. I would pick up the phone straight away or answer emails immediately because I was so desperate for work. Looking back, this probably wasn't the best move. You can be eager and desperate to get going but potential clients or customers shouldn't know this! You might want to consider using a low-cost bespoke phone answering service or an automated email response thanking people for their interest and ensuring them you'll get back to them within a certain time frame.

Employ a good social media marketing strategy

Most businesses need social media these days, especially if you're selling a product. Many people will look at a brands Instagram over the website these days so it's CRUCIAL that you look the goods. Invest in photo shoots or a high quality camera if you photograph your own content. I use a Canon camera and invested in a good light which was only $180.

Plan out your feed so that it flows naturally and is visually captivating. Apps like PLANN are amazing for this. Click here to book a social media strategy session with me!

Use accounting software

Instead of sending out invoices as a word document, invest in using an accounting system.

I use MYOB and find it so user-friendly. I can itemise my invoices and my clients can pay with their credit card safely online or by PayPal. Doesn't cost a lot each month but makes the back-end of my business run much more smoothly.

Also if you're terrible with number like me, this minimises the risk of making any embarrassing mistakes!

How have you made your business seem more professional?

Leave a comment below!


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