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Tips for moving out of your home office and into a commercial space

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If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, setting up your first business from your living room is a smart idea.

Working from home is a cheap way to start up and it gives you time to experiment with different ideas in a fairly safe zone.

However, if you are planning to expand your business, your living room probably isn’t going to cut it in terms of your staff needs, space or client expectations.

The answer? It’s time to move your business on and out to a new commercial office space.

Find the Right Size Space

There are a lot of things to think about when choosing the right size office for your new business and it can be easy to get ahead of yourself by renting a space which is too big. This means that you need to think carefully about balancing what you need now with how quickly you anticipate your business growing.

So, for example, if your business is expanding and now it’s not just you, but you and a couple of employees, you will obviously need space for all of you, but you might also like to ensure you have a couple more spaces for adding new members to your team soon. Adding a meeting space is also a necessary addition for keeping client meetings separate and quiet.

Hire Someone to Help You Move

Even if you have been working alone at home up to now, you will be surprised how much you need to move to your new location. Here, a furniture removalist company could really come in handy. These guys move items including office equipment all the time and will be much speedier than you could ever hope to be!

Of course, this doesn’t get you off the hook for filing or packing up boxes to ensure everything makes the move! You will also need to think about the extra furniture you will no doubt require and where you can source materials. Office fashion at the moment often incorporates second-hand mix-matched stuff so get yourself online to find some bargains!.

Add in the Extra Personalized Touches

Your brand should be distinctive and so should your office. You need this space to reflect your business and your values while still being a workable, practical space. If you’ve already achieved a Pinterest-worthy office at home, then this should be fairly easy for you to achieve.

desk flatlay

Make sure that you also use some of your branding materials such as banners and posters around your office. This gives you a sense of place but also reinforces your brand to new guests who you are hoping to sign as clients.

Moving into your first commercial office is a huge and exciting step so don’t forget that this is a time to celebrate your progress as a business, not just a stressful move! Have a bit of fun with your design and take your time over the final finish. Much like a house, an office is never quite finished - this is a working space that should have some flexibility.


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