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The luxuries of being a home-based entrepreneur

There's no denying that running a business from the comfort of your home ensures much more straightforward processes. You’re in charge, and can take your business in any direction you choose.

However, it's foolish to assume that the simplicity of a home-based company means you can’t grant yourself essential everyday luxuries. On the contrary, when you work from home, you need to look after yourself just as much as you would if you had your own business premises.

Manage tasks according to priority

It can be tempting, when you’re an independent professional, to tackle tasks as they arise. It’s not uncommon for freelancers to try to address multiple projects at the same time, in the attempt to match the productivity of large companies. In reality, you need to remember that you’re only one person? Your goal is not to replace an entire team but to produce the best possible quality output. Consequently, you need to prioritize your tasks effectively, ensuring that you never need to multitask. Additionally, reducing interruptions with a virtual receptionist and an automatic email filter can save you a lot of time. Your productivity depends on your ability to stay focused on one task at a time.

You deserve gorgeous home office decor

What makes the perfect office? If your answer consists of a desk and a chair, you need to think about your needs as a whole. There’s no denying that your home office requires adequate furniture – more on this in the next paragraph – but it also should protect your mental health. Creating a positive environment that encourages inspiration, peace of mind and ultimately productivity goes beyond typical workplace gear. You need to focus on your decor. A positive color palette, as well as the addition of green plants, can help your mind to relax and unlock your creativity.

Find your mojo at a standing desk

Make your health a priority with a standing desk Did you know that sitting is one of the most dangerous activities on the planet? Indeed, when you stay in a sitting position for an extended period of time; your body’s propensity to develop cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity increases dramatically. Making your health a priority can dictate a different option for your office furniture, namely a standing desk. Indeed, standing can actively reduce the risk of developing health complications as it encourages your body to maintain a regular level of activity.

Homemade lunches

Last, but not least, lunchtime at the desk is never fun. But too many home-based entrepreneurs tend to skip their lunch break in an effort to meet deadlines. Your mind and your body need this break to recharge your energy. Taking the time to head to the kitchen and prepare a simple meal can improve your productivity in the long term. Indeed, you can fuel your body. At the same time, you can also use the break to relax.

Luxuries are, by definition, items that are not essential but that you choose to include in your everyday life.

While you could continue your independent career with only a desk and a chair, bringing new comfort to your day can boost your productivity and performance significantly.

What's your favourite thing about working from home? Leave a comment below!


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