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SEO Strategies to boost your organic rank

Isabelle from Marketing Loco talks SEO strategy

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the process of boosting your websites visibility on search engines such as Google.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of business owners don’t understand what it truly means and how poor SEO can affect their business.

Search Engine Optimisation will help build your online presence, showcase your key products or service offerings and allow new customers to find you on search engines.

According to Search Engine Watch, 92% of all online search traffic will only review information on page 1 of Google, while only 4% will click on page 2.

In addition, the number 1 Google rank position will receive 33% of search traffic compared to 18% for number 2. The traffic continues to diminish from there. It is becoming increasingly difficult to organically rank well, especially for new businesses. We can no longer purely rely on the use of keywords (although this is still important).

Search engines are also continually evolving at a rapid rate, which can make it difficult to keep up.

But let's keep it simple and talk about a few SEO strategies that will boost your organic search results.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is important and should be undertaken thoroughly. Don’t just rely on one main keyword for your entire website. Focus on one relevant keyword for each page on your website. In highly competitive industries, you may need to use long tail keyword phrases.

For example, instead of “marketing consultant” you may choose “digital marketing consultant Sydney”. Note that you should review your keywords regularly as top performing keywords may change.

2. Relevant content – You can never have enough!

Ensure you include engaging content that is relevant to your business and your target audience. This will also encourage audience sharing and backlinks which is a big plus for Google ranking.

Remember, content is not only words on a page. It can be videos, info-graphics, product reviews, how-to guides, product demonstrations, testimonials, templates, eBooks, FAQs and much more.

3. Navigation

Is it easy to navigate through your website? Is the structure clear, functional and simple? Does your website load quickly (within 2 seconds)?

Is it designed with your target consumer in mind? If you are “too close” to your business / website (which we usually are), ask three people you know to visit your site and give you their honest feedback.

4. Mobile First

Your site should be compatible with all screens but make mobile the priority!! Most people these days will be browsing on their mobile over another device so take this into account when building your website.

5. Back links

A back link is an incoming hyperlink to a web page. Ideally, you want as many back links from quality and relevant sites to help boost your ranking. This can be from social media pages, relevant industry bodies, related suppliers / business partners etc.

Be aware that “search engine bots” crawl through websites regularly to determine the quality score of the site.

The SEO strategies above will help you to organically rank well and avoid Google penalties.

Marketing Loco  are an independent team of digital experts and social media enthusiasts who offer a customised approach to build brand awareness, engagement and credibility for business growth. From social media marketing to content development and everything in between, let us manage your digital presence so that you can focus on your business and the things you do best. 

For more information or a friendly chat, please contact Isabelle on 

+61 412 419005 or


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