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Quick fixes for common beauty concerns

We’re all insecure, in our own little ways.

If someone covers their mouth when they laugh, and their best friend does the same thing, maybe the teeth or lips you’re trying to hide aren’t as bad as you think?

While teeth and structural insecurities are harder to fix, there are some common concerns that only require a little work or product to resolve!

Dark circles/bags under our eyes

gold eye patches

What do you think of your eyes? Do you feel they’re bright and rested? Or do you worry about the dark circles and bags under them? Maybe you live a rough schedule, and don’t get as much sleep as you should, or maybe you’ve not been able to ingest some proper skin care in a while.

Under eye patches or masks are a great way to brighten the skin under your eyes. Stocked in Sephora, Peter Thomas Roth have incredible 24K Gold Hydra-Gel Eye Patches that work like MAGIC!

Our Smiles

As mentioned above, some of us cover up our smiles and rarely let the outside world see them. So many people say that someones smile can be their most attractive feature, so if yours if bothering you this much, book a visit to the dentist to see what can be done.

Problem t-zones

Your nose is the center point of your face. Suffering from an oily t-zone is not only annoying, but totally unnecessary! If you do a little bit of research, you can find a dermal clinician in your area that can help treat problem areas of your skin. It's important that you consult a professional prior to starting treatments as they have the knowledge and technology to correctly diagnose skin conditions and treat accordingly.

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