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Planning for a better year: Executing a virtual meeting using Post-It teamwork tools

2020 has truly put us to the test. Many industries and businesses have suffered from the impacts of COVID 19 and subsequent lockdowns and have had to pivot their offerings and ways of operating.

Most of us are still working from home and are not expecting to return to the office until 2021 or until a vaccine is found.

This means planning for the next year in business will look a little different.

Instead of collaborating around the board room table, teams will be phoning in to video meetings instead to discuss the new year of business.

Here’s how you can make these meetings fun and collaborative for your team as we look into 2021 and hopefully, a much more positive year for us all!

- Send them a care package in anticipation of the meeting

post-it app
The Post-it app is the perfect teamwork tool

Who doesn’t love receiving a fun package in the post? Fill this with items you think your team will enjoy whether it be chocolates, a bottle of wine, something that shows you appreciate the work they’re putting in from home. You can also include items from the Post-it teamwork tools range that they can bring with them to the virtual meeting.

Ask them to brainstorm new ways of working in their role using the easel board & sticky notes.

- Get your team working together!

Once your team have produced some content around new processes and plans for the new year, they can capture and upload images to the Post-it app to share with their peers. The team can edit together and collaborate over the app prior to the meeting so everyone enters on the same page.

- Developing a plan

If you’re leading a team meeting, make us of the Post-it® Dry Erase Surface is an instant flexible whiteboard surface to take notes. Make sure this is visible during the virtual meeting so the team can track progress and take notes themselves.

Once you have a final plan developed, you can once again capture this on the Post-it app and share with the team. The beauty of the app will mean everyone can stay across any changes made.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we must be flexible and adaptable! The Post-it teamwork tools will help your team do just that.

The post-it range by 3M is available in Officeworks.

Want more ways to use the range? See how we’ve utilised Post-it in 2020!


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