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Offline marketing strategies to support your online business

Digital marketing has certainly given traditional advertising a run for its money in recent times. It's been the go-to platform for many businesses, and it's hard to see that slowing down. Compared to what you might class as traditional marketing, though, online marketing helps you to have results that are easy to measure and, funnily enough, are often less expensive. Even with that in mind, in a digital world, there are still many traditional or offline marketing techniques that can still be effective at helping to build and supporting your online brand. In fact, some of the marketing strategies that help to deliver the biggest impact and results, tend to use a combination of both online and offline marketing techniques.

So there's definitely still room for both; but have you forgotten about doing some of the more traditional methods?

Here are some of those offline techniques that are going to help your business to grow, and help to support the online work you're doing.

Networking Activities

Having face-to-face connections will continue to play a vital role in networking; how can people trust and support your business if they don’t really know who you are (it can be great when looking for investment too). What’s more, these kinds of events can help to drive traffic to your website, as you can share that information with those people that you connect with, so they can then follow up online and see what your business is all about.

Association Conferences and Trade Shows

Trade shows can be a great way to network with others in the industry, as well as with potential buyers or customers too. These kinds of events can also offer offline marketing opportunities, as they can be a great way to hand out leaflets, do product demonstrations, or even become a speaker, showing the industry your expertise.

Banners and Billboards

Much like a TV ad, when you put a banner or billboard up, you don’t know who's going to see it. Which is why many people choose to target online ads, as you can be more specific and see the demographics of those people viewing them. However, if you have a business that people local to you could well be using, from accountants to an online store, have you got displays or banners outside your home or office? If you look at somewhere like, you can see a variety of displays that you could use. But the more important thing is getting people to read it, and know that your business is there and close by, should they need it.

Speaking Opportunities

Speaking engagements are things that will put you directly in front of a targeted audience, who are there ready to hear what you have to say. This can also be a great way to show your credibility in business and your industry. Plus, according to research by, speaking engagements are the second-most popular way to acquire business leads.

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