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Making your office appear more professional

Having creative freedom over your office design and look is great, it's something that most business owners only dream of.

Limited funds and space can be issues for start ups or small businesses, which can mean the appearance of your office may not be living up to its potential.

Here's some tips on keeping up appearances in your work space.

Invest in Storage

When you run an office,it's inevitable that you're going to need storage space. Papers pile up and before you know it, your entire desk is swamped. You may also have to store computer devices, appliances and in some instances even furniture. All in all, storage is super important when you are renovating your office and a cluttered room is far from professional. If you can, you should also take advantage of any basement storage space you have, or devote a single room to storing items.

Officeworks have some great 'file and store' tubs that will keep your documents organised and out of the way.


Every single office out there that doesn’t have a reception desk doesn’t look as professional as it could. You want someone who can greet your clients, wish them a good day and tend to their needs. You need to welcome your guests but if you don’t have the room for a reception area then there are ways for you to get around this. Put a desk at the front of the office and have someone witty working there. When you do this, you stop your clients from walking around aimlessly and you also give them that great first impression as soon as they walk into the room. If you want to upgrade your office space because you just don’t think that it is big enough, companies like John Hill & Co can help you find the perfect solution.


People will populate your office and the furniture that you choose will determine exactly what your office feels like when everyone is together. Perhaps give your staff somewhere they can relax, such as a lounge or even somewhere they can have a coffee. When you do this, you add personality to your space and you also look like you are looking after your employees much better as well. You also have to consider your floor plan. Open floor plans are best suited to those who have busy and highly functional offices. Just have a space or room to have private conversations with your customers or clients.


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