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Low site traffic? Here are 3 ways to fix it

Are you worried that your site isn’t getting enough attention online?

There are a few key reasons why traffic levels to your site could be low.

The Wrong SEO

First, you might think that if you are completing SEO for your business, then you will always be on the right track with marketing for your business. However, that’s not the case as there are various different types of SEO. You need to make sure that you are using the right tools and strategies to see the best results.

If you're struggling with your campaign, then you could consider using the services of a professional SEO agency. The right agency will ensure that you are using the latest techniques that you don’t fall behind competitors. This could include link building as well as semantic keywords.

A Negative Attack

Since we mentioned SEO it’s also worth exploring the possibility of a negative SEO attack. This is usually when a competitor hires a company or an individual to create negative content that is tied to your business.

If this happens then when customers search for your brand, they’ll only see complaints and issues surrounding your company. If you think that you have been hit by a negative SEO attack, then it is worth contacting Google directly. They might be able to fix the issue for you. Do be aware though that this can take quite a lot of time.

Bad Reviews

It’s important to realize that 80% of customers are going to check reviews of a product or service before they commit to a purchase. They might even check the reviews for your site on Google before they click on the site itself.

That’s why you should be thinking about how to handle negative reviews. There are a few ways to tackle bad reviews. However, the main thing is to ensure that they customers feel as though they are being taken care of and that you will address the concerns that they have raised.

No Social Media Action

Finally, it’s possible that your site might not be getting the attention you're wanting because you don’t have a strong enough social media profile.

You should try to remember that customers want more than just to purchase a product or service from your business.

Instead, they want to form a connection with your company. They want to know who is behind it and why they should choose your business over other possibilities. Social media can be a great way to do this and boost levels of attention at the same time.


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