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Is the appearance of your business letting you down?

It’s all good and well having a stellar concept for your business, doing it well, and all-around providing a top service.

But people can be fickle creatures, and as such, there’s a lot that goes into deciding whether they like your business or not. Take the appearance of your branding or your business premises for example. You could offer the greatest product or service in the world, but if you have slack branding or a premises that doesn’t impress, you might have a hard time building up a loyal following.

Let's take a look at a few areas that people often overlook when it comes to their business.

Make sure you’re not falling short on any of them!

Inconsistent or sloppy branding

I can't tell you how important it is to invest in your branding! Choosing the right colour palette, logo, language is all of paramount importance so you can affect your audience in a positive way and ultimately, convert them to customers! She Does This offers branding services that can help you make the best first impression, read more here.

Poorly Signposted

This is more relevant if your business relies on passing traffic, but it’s also important if people are driving to see you specifically. If people can’t find you, or, worse, find you but then can’t figure out how to get into the building, then you’re not going to make a strong first impression. Also, you should ensure that your building is accessible to all people, regardless of any mobility issues. It’s just considerate to make sure everyone who wants to enter your premises is able to do so.

Uninspiring Issues

Everyone’s business looks perfect when they first open it. But over time, the clean and polished exterior will be worn down, and if you’re not looking after the general wear and tear, then your business will quickly begin to look dated. You’ll have a million and one things to take care of as a business owner, but keep in mind that ensuring the cosmetic side of your business is in order is important: it influences how people view your company. Hire a glass repair expert to fix any damaged glass panes, keep an eye on signage and keep it clean! It takes no time and little money to hire a cleaner to keep things in order.

An Unfriendly Welcome

When people first open your business premises, what are they greeted by? If the answer is ‘nothing’ then, well, things need to change. If you’re working in an office, there should be a receptionist at the door waiting to greet your visitors. It also pays to have a pleasant arrivals area, one that is well lit and has services such as water and a waiting area available.

You should invest in staff that are friendly, capable and have a customer-first mentality.

Need extra help with the appearance of your business?

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